Welcome to AEWS!

AEWS Engineering, LLC, is a new engineering and design firm developed to offer contemporary best practices in water quality management to municipalities of all sizes. We recognized the need for a firm like AEWS through our work with municipalities on the myriad and complex issues related to stormwater management. Collection and treatment of stormwater runoff is the final frontier in wastewater management. Unmanaged stormwater contaminates drinking water sources, pollutes beaches and other recreational waters, fills in navigable waterways with contaminated sediment, damages structures during floods, destroys habitats for fish and wildlife, and is an expensive burden that all municipalities bear.

However, the total cost of unmanaged stormwater far outweighs the cost of managing it. With continuously evolving regulatory and compliance mandates, design and engineering challenges, complex technologies and significant maintenance requirements, managing stormwater, and any water resource today can an overwhelming task.

The emerging concept of "one water" encourages us to adopt a holistic approach to the way we manage our water resources, and the way we provide and fund services for the public good. Nationally, if not globally, we are at a tipping point in the development of our water infrastructure. Our aging “grey infrastructure” is inadequate to serve a growing population, and to perform its vital functions in the face of changing climate conditions and extreme weather patterns. Sustainable practices are being favored and adopted as the new norm. For water use to be sustainable, the dollars we spend to provide clean water and prevent or clean up pollution need to be dedicated to practices that are closed-loop to the extent possible, and that enable water reuse to the extent that our best technology and management practices will allow.

AEWS recognizes that our complex domestic and global water quality challenges require multifaceted and integrated approaches to achieve sustainable solutions. We are committed to a research and development mission that incorporates state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices to offer better and more affordable solutions to communities both nationally and globally.

We hope you find our web site to be informative and helpful across the spectrum of stormwater management challenges. We invite you visit us regularly, and to contact us with any questions you may have, or problems you are facing.

The staff of AEWS joins me in welcoming you. We look forward to exploring ways in which we can work together to meet current and future water quality challenges.