Selected Projects

Stormwater Management

Nassau County, NY - Nation's First Design-Build-Operate (DBO) Stormwater Management Project

Utilizing a public-private partnership model, AEWS Engineering, LLC is working with AbTech Industries, Inc. and Nassau County, NY to address ten (10) stormwater outflows in the County. Kicking off in the Fall of 2013 and structured in multiple phases over three (3) years, the team will use best in class stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) design to develop and install upgrades to the County's stormwater outfall systems that will successfully eliminate contaminants of concern, including bacteria, oils/greases, trash and other debris. In addition, systems will be designed and implemented that will address the serious issue of flooding to prevent any future tidal storm surges from stormwater, as has occurred in the recent past.

NC State University - Research & Development

Fort Bragg - Advanced Bioretention Cell

This study focuses on retrofitting a bioretention cell to incorporate an AbTech fill media amendment. Project currently ongoing.

Craven County - Wetlands Maintenance Study

This study focuses on the maintenance of wetland systems and its impact on water quality. The research investigates how a lack of maintenance over time can affect the water treating mechanisms of these wetland systems. Project currently ongoing.

Municipal Program Management

AEWS Engineering coordinates with municipalities across the nation to develop comprehensive stormwater programs. Our municipal program management approach includes regulatory compliance evaluation, permit support, risk assessment, and needs analysis. AEWS evaluates the current Best Management Practice (BMP) and prioritizes key issues—which may include public outreach, Low Impact Development (LID), and Green infrastructure design BMPs—as well as innovative solutions specific to the municipalities needs. Other program components include:

  • BMP Inspections
  • Total cost analysis/value proposition development
  • Sustainable Development Design